About These Courses

Balayage Advanced & Blondes Advanced

In our Balayage Advanced class, we illustrate the art of BalayColor & hair painting, the importance of base coloring and application with tandem applications, and converting an all over highlights to a balayage.

You will learn how to incorporate balayage and signature pieces to create more depth and even how to do a reverse balayage & BalaySombre. We address how to approach a color correction using balayage and how to do a faux balayage using foil highlight and finish the hairline with a proper halo & glossing in order to erase lines.


Our Blondes advanced class is all about the specialty of creating natural looking blondes from warm honeys to bright & brilliant.

We address the art of toning, the power of using root smudging and base bumping to erase foil lines, followed by identifying the purpose and placement between high contrast highlight and baby light slices. We will also go over how to approach an American Balayage and how to maintain the depth through out the back by using high-to-low hair painting with detailed instruction on when to use your Balay powers and when to foil.

Finally, the class will round out with a session on creating combo services and how to price your epic blondes.

This is to be learned as hands-on class, for you to follow along, learn and practice each technique on a doll head. Because this is a blondes class there is a strong emphasis on foil work in order practice lifting to higher levels of blonde.

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