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a combination of our essentials & advanced balayage courses

Our Absolute Balayage course is devoted to the entirety of balayage techniques. We start by introducing the theory behind balayage and by walking you through a live demo of the foundational techniques that go into every balayage, while addressing the practical application and placement of each of the four fundamental balayage techniques in your work behind the chair. In this specialized course, we cover everything balayage has to offer- from start to finish. Once we have completed the foundational techniques demonstration, we move on to intertwining our favorite advanced techniques. We illustrate the art of BalayColor & hair painting, the importance of base coloring and application with tandem applications, as well as our methods for converting all over highlight clients to a softer & low maintenance balayage look. You will learn how to incorporate balayage and signature pieces to create more depth and even how to do a reverse balayage & BalaySombre. Finally, we address how to approach a color correction using balayage, the power of foils & faux balayage and some of our favorite tips such as finishing the hairline with a proper halo and glossing in order to erase lines. You will walk away with the necessities of your balayage skills complete with instruction on product selection, proper mixing, application technique, the art of placement, glossing & finish. Whether you are looking to grow your clientele, expand your skill sets, or you are looking to stay current in the ever-evolving industry of coloring, this course is undoubtedly the first step to advancing your portfolio.
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